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Keep the Copy Facts in Data Form.... Paperless & Perfect!

CS Copy Management™ Lets You Write It, Send It To Production, Produce It
or Read It Live On-the-Air, and Keep A Good Data Record

  • Work on up to 25 scripts at the same time

  • Spellchecker, dictionary and thesaurus built-in

  • Immediate access to customers' addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers and e-mail for proofing

  • Print station logos onto scripts; track co-op

  • Live copy and show prep can be sent to the Center Stage Live™ portion

  • CSProducer™ lets you edit scripts on-line, in three different TelePrompter formats, , and transfer work between studios.

  • File management is part of the package for merging, purging and storing files (it's easy to find old scripts!)

Send scripts, any station files, even audio files city-wide or worldwide on the Internet with CS Interactive™

Automatically maintains your FTP site, letting you transfer to/from other stations and ad agencies automatically

Your staff can receive outside material for school closings, special announcements with CSReporter™ module

CS Copy Management™ and CS Interactive are trademarks of Arctic Palm Technology, Inc.

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